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Tallit Clips Guide

Judaism is a religion based on practice and action. One such form of religious practice is prayer. Jews are required to pray multiple times daily as well as on Shabbat, the day of rest. Prayer is done communally in Judaism, as it mandates a group or Minyan of 10 people. Jewish prayers express gratitude to G-d for food, health, peace, and many more.

Jewish traditions require men to wear religious garments during prayer, such as a Tallit prayer shawl and Tefillin phylacteries. These items are made in a certain way according to Jewish law and also have specific instructions as how to wear them.

About Tallitot & Tallit Clips

What is a Tallit?A Tallit, also referred to as a tallis, is a prayer shawl worn during prayers on weekdays, Shabbat, and Jewish holidays. The Tallit is a large piece of fabric that is worn over the shoulders and drapes over the arms. Tallitot are required to have four knotted strings on each corner of the garment, known as Tzitzit. The Tallit tradition comes from a verse in the Bible which instructs Jews to add four fringers to a garment to cover themselves. The specifications for the Tallit today have been established by scholars and Rabbis over the years.

What are Tallit clips? The Tallit prayer shawl hangs over the shoulders onto the arms and often falls of or slides down, especially during prayer when there are intervals of sitting and standing. Tallit clips are handy closures that keep the Tallit connected in the front. The clips connect the two sides of the garment. Tallitot are traditionally given to a thirteen year old boy for his Bar Mitzvah, upon which he becomes an adult according to Jewish law. Traditionally, the Talit is given to the boy from his father on this occasion. A thoughtful Bar Mitzvah gift would be Tallit clips to accompany the boy's first Tallit.

Materials & Decorations

A Tallit is usually made of high quality cloth, but can also be made from cotton, wool, or silk. Different Jewish communities have different style Tallitot. Tallitot come in different sizes and styles. A traditional Sephardic Talit usually is designed with white cloth and white stripes, as well as a white Atara. Ashkenazic style Tallitot are usually made white white cloth and black or gray stripes. An Emanuel Tallit is often designed with Jerusalem images and sometimes made from delicate raw silk material.

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