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Star of David Guide

The Star of David, known in Hebrew as the Shield of David or “Magen David” is probably the most prominent and recognizable Jewish symbol in the world, next to the Hamsa symbol. The Star of David is especially symbolic and meaningful because of its position in the center of the flag of Israel. Many people may not know this but the term “Magen David” in the Jewish prayer book called a Siddur.

Even the most basic religious Judaica items often have Stars of David on them. Here at World of Judaica we invite you to browse our selection of Havdalah Sets and Menorahs which feature bright decorations and Stars of David painted on them. If you would like an Elijah Cup with a Star of David, look no further than our collection. If you would like sterling silver Judaica with Stars of David on them, you should consider a disk on key engraved with rows of Stars of David. You may also wish to consider an item such as Torah Crown or Rimonim, which can be dedicated in memory or in honor of a loved one and can be decorated with Stars of David amongst many other decorations. Also check out our Jewish jewelry collection for Star of David necklaces and pendants.

Star of David on Kiddush Cups

The word Kiddush literally translates “to sanctify or make something holy”, and it is a blessing recited over wine or grape juice to sanctify the Jewish holidays and Shabbat. There is a special cup designed for the Kiddush blessing because it is such an important ceremony, this special and unique cup is known as a Kiddush cup. The Kiddush cup often features a Star of David design.

On Jewish holidays and Shabbat, Kiddush is recited twice, both at the beginning of the Friday night “Erev Shabbat” meal and at the beginning of the Saturday morning/afternoon meal. The reason why the Kiddush cup is one of the most popular items at Judaica stores is because it is frequently used in the reciting of the Kiddush both on Shabbat and Jewish holidays, such as Rosh Hashana and Passover. Indeed we do provide our customers with a vast collection of Kiddush cups to choose from, such as pewter, silver, ceramic and our most popular, pewter.

Star of David on Elijah Cups

Elijah was an ancient prophet in the ‘Kingdom of Samaria’ who played a pivotal role in freeing the Hebrews in Egypt from the tyranny and hard ships of enslavement. We fill a special cup with called Elijah’s cup, with wine in remembrance of our past redemption and freedom. There are numerous options to choose from, from sterling silver to lacquered wood. Sterling silver Elijah cups are our most popular. Many Elijah cups display the Star of David symbol.

In addition, if you would like a nontraditional Elijah’s cup, an alternative or addition to Elijah’s Cup is Miriam’s Cup. Miriam’s Cups are a modern innovation that seeks to include women in the Passover Seder by recalling the greatness of the Jewish Prophetess Miriam, who was Moses and Aaron’s older sister. These cups are nearly identical to Elijah’s Cup, but are often decorated with depictions of Miriam. Miriam Cups also frequently contain the verses referring to her participation in the rejoining in the Exodus in the Bible.

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For more information on Star of DavidJudaica or Jewish art, feel free to contact our Judaica experts with any questions or concerns.

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