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Atara Guide

Judaism is a religion that places emphasis on prayer and action. Prayer only takes place communally, with a group of at least 10 men needed to form a Minyan. There are certain religious synagogue items that are worn in the synagogue during prayer. These synagogue items include Tallit, Kippah, Tefillin, and an Atara. These ritual items each have their own history and symbolism in Judaism. Learn about them here in the Atara guide as well as in the Jewish learning pages at World of Judaica.

What is an Atara?

An Atara is a section of fabric used to decorate the end of the Tallit prayer shawl. This Talit is an important Jewish item. The Tallit is basically a cloth covering that is worn over the back and shoulders during prayer. This Talit prayer shawl has fringes on each of its four corners tied in a specific way. The Tallit tradition comes from the commandment in the Bible to 'wrap ourselves.' The Tallit is decorated with the Atara fabric on its edge closest to the back of the head, but can also be seen on the front part of the Tallis. The Atara adds a special touch to an otherwise simple prayer shawl. The Atara decoration can reflect the Tallit wearer's personal style.


Tallitot are usually made from high quality cloth, but can sometimes be made of cotton and raw silk materials. An Atara is usually made of raw silk or embroidered cotton.


Tallit designs include simple stripe patterns, usually black or gray stripes are common. In contrast, Atara designs are more elaborate and colorful. It is common to have a Judaica designed Atara with a pomegranate or Jewish star symbol. Another popular design is the Jerusalem skyline embroidered onto the Atara. Other patterns include floral, leaf, bird, and diamond designs. Atara colors can range from classic white to vivid. Yair Emanuel Tallits are usually full of bright colors.

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