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Salt & Pepper Shakers

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Salt & Pepper Shakers Guide

Salt and pepper shakers are an important table accessory, no matter the occasion. Whether you are eating an informal meal in your home or hosting a dinner party, it is crucial to have salt and pepper shakers available on the table. Everyone has their own preferences for salting and spicing their food. Salt and pepper shaker sets also serve as a beautiful tableware display. You can find lovely decorated salt and pepper shakers. This item also comes in Judaica designs and themes.

About Salt & Pepper Shakers

Salt and pepper shakers usually come in a set of two separate structures, but sometimes they can come in the form of one dual dispenser. The shakers serve to dispense salt or pepper in small amounts on the desired food. Usually the holes for pouring can be found on the top of the container, but unique designs feature the holes at the bottom of the container to be released by grinding the spice by hand. Salt and pepper shakers are necessary for spicing food to the individual's desired amount, but also for display on the table. Whether it is on a kitchen table or dining room table, salt and pepper shakers are important items.


Salt and pepper shakers can be made of a variety of materials, from lightweight plastic to durable wood. These materials are ideal for salt and pepper shakers used on a daily basis. More sophisticated designs are made of crystal, glass, or 925 Sterling Silver. The fancier salt and pepper sets should be reserved for fancy occasions such as Shabbat or other holiday dinners.


Salt and pepper shakers come in many different designs. The shakers can range from simple solid or clear colored containers to elaborate designs. Creative designs include birds, flowers, and other nature images. Judaica salt and pepper shakers display Jewish themes such as pomegranates, Star of David, or Jerusalem designs. Jerusalem salt and pepper shakers display the skyline of the holy city and the walls of the Kotel. Salt shakers are especially important for the celebration of Shabbat, as it is tradition to put salt on the loaves of Challah bread.

A unique decoration for salt and pepper shakers is to design the two shakers in a shape in which they can be placed together as one structure on the table. Yair Emanuel designed salt and pepper shakers come in a ying and yang wave shape so they can easily fit together, but also have the option to be separated for individual use.

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