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Napkin Holders Guide

Napkin holders are important items for your kitchen or dining room table. Store your napkins in a lovely Judaica designed napkin holder. Every kitchen needs to right supplies and tools. Whether it is cutlery, dishware, serve ware, or storage, these are valuable purchases. It is worthwhile to invest in a napkin holder for both daily use as well as special occasions. A Jewish home has many special occasions, such as Shabbat, Jewish holidays, and Simchas such as a Bar Mitzvah or Wedding. Beautify the Shabbat and decorate a holiday dinner table with an elegant napkin holder for your guests.

About Napkin Holders

Napkin holders help store napkins in an open display on your table for easy access. These holders can come in different forms, from the basic flat surface holders to more elaborate free standing structures and napkin rings. Flat surface napkin holders allow you to place a stack of napkins and contain them with an attached latch. This way, people can easily grab a napkin or two from the pile without taking the whole bunch. These napkin holders keep your napkins in an orderly fashion. Free standing structures come in different shapes and allow the napkins to stand straight up in between the borders of the holder, like bookends. Napkin rings allow you to fold a napkin and keep in contained in a decorative manner.


Napkin holders can be designed with a variety of decorations. Some napkin holders come in different shapes, such as Judaica pomegranate or Star of David shaped holders. Other holders can display a Jewish symbol such as a Chai, pomegranate, dove, or image of Jerusalem. The Israeli artist Yair Emanuel is famous for his napkin rings designed with Jerusalem skylines and bird motifs. Napkin holders can come in any color, but neutral tones are more common because they match with any home decor or kitchen design.


Napkin holders can come in simple aluminum and sturdy wood materials, as well as high quality sterling silver. The 925 Sterling Silver holders are pricier and ideal for fancy dinner party occasions. Both napkin holders and napkin rings can come in either wood or metal materials. Glass and sterling silver holders look sophisticated on any Shabbat or dinner table.

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