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Jewish Home

Jewish Home

World of Judaica offers an exquisite collection of Judaica items for the Jewish home. These include apparel, home decor, kitchen supplies, stationery and children's items.

Home Decor

View our exquisite selection of home decor items to be displayed in your Jewish home. Here you will find wall hangings, home blessings, and tapestries.

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Kitchen Supplies

World of Judaica is proud to offer an abundance of kitchen supplies for your Jewish home. Find Jewish kitchen items here.

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Browse through World of Judaica's collection of apparel items and find the perfect scarves, hats, and bags right for you

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Children's Items

Take a look through World of Judaica's charming collection of children's items, including games, toys, apparel, puzzles, and much more.

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Pillow Covers

Search through our elegant selection of pillow covers. Beautifully designed, these pillow covers will go great with any home decor.

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World of Judaica offers an impressive selection of stationery, including cards, notepads, pens, bookmarks, and more.

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Jewish Home

Your Jewish home should be a peaceful space, both comfortable for you and your family as well as inviting to guests. World of Judaica understands the importance of creating a beautiful Jewish home. That's why we offer an extensive collection of Judaica items to be prominently displayed in your home. Our Jewish home decor accessories include wall hangings, kitchen supplies, apparel, linens, children's items, and stationery.

World of Judaica offers an exquisite home decor selection to display in your Jewish home or give as a gift to a loved one for a Jewish wedding or Jewish holiday. The home accessories and decor include wall tapestries, framed pictures, and Hamsa home blessings. These items will add a touch of class to your Jewish home and are sure to impress guests. The Jewish art home decor often features pictures of Jerusalem and Hebrew blessings.

Your Jewish kitchen should have only the highest quality kitchen items without having to break the bank. World of Judaica has a collection of affordable kitchen supplies for your Jewish home. These include salt and pepper shakers, tableware, napkin holders and more. These one of a kind kitchen items will get a lot of use for Shabbat and other Jewish holidays.

Many of our Jewish home items are designed by the renown Israeli artist Yair Emanuel. Yair Emanuel is known for his use of bold, vivid colors and his ability to incorporate style with function. Make sure to browse our variety of Yair Emanuel home accessories such as stationery and pillow covers.

When looking for Jewish home accessories, look no further than World of Judaica's Jewish home collection. Here you will find the best home decor, kitchen items, children's items, and more at the best price.

Jewish Home Guide

The Jewish home is one full of rich culture, tradition, and knowledge. Jewish homes in the Diaspora are initially identifiable by the Mezuzah on the front door. Other important elements of a Jewish home are Jewish books and Judaica items for a variety of occasions.

About the Jewish Home

The Jewish home is the center of Jewish life, where Shabbat and festive meals are enjoyed with friends and family. There are many traditional foots associated with Shabbat and Jewish holidays. In Ashkenazic households, you can expect Gefilite fish and Matzah ball soup on Friday night, in addition to Cholent on Shabbat morning. In Sephardic homes, you will find elaborate meat and rice dishes for Shabbat dinner, with pita, tehini, and hummus spreads on the table. The Jewish home is full of Judaica items, from religious objects for daily use to Judaica items on display. Learn more about the Jewish home here.

Jewish Home Judaica Items

Judaica items in the Jewish home include items for day to day, Shabbat, holidays, and for home d?cor. Day to day items include washing cups and Mezuzot. Shabbat Judaica includes Kiddush cups, candlesticks, Challah boards, wine fountains, and more. Shabbat is the time to pull out your finest Judaica items and fulfill the Mitzvah of beautifying the day of rest. Jewish holiday items for a Jewish home include a Menorah, Seder plate, honey dishes, and much more. Home d?cor items in a Jewish home can feature Jewish paintings, Israel images, and Hamsa wall hangings. Other Jewish home categories include kitchen supplies, apparel, children's items, linens, and stationery.

Materials & Decorations

Jewish home items can be made from a variety of different materials. Shabbat Judaica is usually fancier and can be made from high quality 925 Sterling Silver. Other items such as Challah boards are usually made of wood. Seder plates and honey dishes can be made of glass, sterling silver, or crystal. Wall hangings are made from cloth tapestries or painted on a canvas. Kitchen utensils are usually made from metal, and sometimes sterling silver.

These Jewish home items can be decorated with designs that range from simple to ornate. Jewish paintings are usually designed with Jerusalem images. Other decorations include Jewish symbols such as the Magen David, Chai symbol, pomegranate, Hamsa and the evil eye. The Hamsa and evil eye symbols are meant to protect against evil.

For More Information

For more information about Jewish Home items or other Judaica items, feel free to Contact our Judaica experts with any questions or concerns.

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