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Honey Dishes Guide

Rosh Hashanah is a day of repentance, but it is also a happy day. We crown God as our Merciful King and are excited to begin a new year of good deeds and positive experiences. Much of this day’s joy is reflected in the assorted foods we eat. For example, we eat pomegranate and ask to be fruitful and multiply like the pomegranate seeds; we dip the Challah bread in honey before blessing over it; and, of course, we dip an apple in a honey dish and ask God to make this year extra sweet.

What is a Honey Dish?

Honey dishes are serving pieces that are used to serve the honey that apples are dipped into during the Rosh HaShana meal.

Material Used

Honey Dishes are usually made of ceramic, glass or sterling silver. Silver honey dishes tend to be more expensive than other materials, but despite this Sterling silver-fanatics remain undeterred. For example, a 4? honey dish can cost hundreds of dollars. However, ceramic and glass are also quite popular are often molded to look like apples and are decorated with them.


Honey dishes come in various colors and shapes, most popularly that of an apple. Apple-shaped honey dishes are often bright red with a matching lid, very often complete with a green leaf on top. Of course, it also comes with a matching spoon. Honey is very sticky and you don’t want it to spill on the table, and Judaica stores and artists know that. Therefore, many honey dishes also come with matching saucers.

Lately, a popular trend is seen in more and more homes: serving honey in a number of miniature apple & honey dishes. For example, you can find an adorable set of four pewter hand-enameled miniature apple honey dishes with matching leaf spoons for a very affordable price. These are not only useful when there are a few guests at the table, but they are so stunning that, while they are not used at the table, they can be used as accessories for the living room!


Many Judaica stores offer honey dishes with an added bonus. As you can probably guess, the most common one is a jar of honey. Additionally, while most honey dishes come with a matching spoon, some people, and especially children, like their honey with a wood dipper. Since everyone loves apple dipped in honey, honey dishes with a matching wood dipper or leaf-shaped spoon are great gifts for the holiday, house-warming and many other occasions.

For More Information

For more information on Honey Dishes or other Judaica items, feel free to contact our Judaica experts with any questions or concerns.

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