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Israeli Kosher Food

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Israeli Kosher Foods Guide

Israeli cuisine, derived from elements of Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, and Eastern European kitchens, combines the various cooking styles of those who now reside in Israel. The Mediterranean climate also brings about the inclusion of common fruits, vegetables, spices, and herbs to the table.

Olive Oil and Spices

Olive trees are found all over Israel, as the Mediterranean climate makes it very easy to grow olives. Many kibbutzim have created original tastes and types, based on the olives grown on their land. Because of this, olive oil has become a large part of the Israeli culture – and it’s Kosher. Similarly, many spices are common and special to the Israeli culture, including za’atar (a mixture of thyme, salt, sumac and sesame seeds), sea salt from the Dead Sea, paprika (hot and sweet), turmeric, parsley, and coriander. World of Judaica plays the part of the Israeli spice merchants; now, you don’t have to buy a flight every time your spice cabinet is running low.

Coffee, Tea, and Honey

Israelis love their coffee – and they love it strong. Elite makes a great instant coffee, and Israelis agree, as it can be found in almost every home in Israel. Coffee culture is growing fast in Israel. Tel Aviv is opening more coffee shops every day. Bring the Israeli coffee culture home by ordering some Israeli coffee online. Tea is also a large part of Israeli life. Wissotzky tea is its own culture, with many flavors and types of tea to choose from. With your tea, you also need honey, but we don’t need to tell you that Israeli honey is special. Israel is, after all, the Land of Milk and Honey. It’s hard to find Kosher coffee and tea outside of Israel. Now, it’s only a few clicks away.

Snacks and Sweets

The best part about Israel is the snack aisle filled with Kosher snacks. Bamba and Bissli, both Osem products, are a favorite for all – kids and adults, alike. Bamba is a soft, sweet, peanut-flavored snack, with a new chocolate flavor, as well. Bissli is the more savory option and comes in a few flavors, including BBQ, pizza, falafel and onion. Garinim (sunflower seeds) are also prevalent in Israeli homes. They are a used as a good addition to long Israeli conversations about business, politics, and religion. Many Israelis can’t eat soup without shkedei marak (chicken soup flavored croutons). They are a huge staple in Israel, and now you can have them in your home, as well.

Sweets like Baklava (nut-filled filo pastry with syrup), Halva (made from sesame and sugar), Krembo (chocolate covered marshmallows), and Hashachar (chocolate spread) are seen all around Israel. If you are a lover of all things chocolate, Max Brenner, an Israeli company that has expanded worldwide, is commonly known for their chocolate. World of Judaica now ships their decadent candy straight to your home.

For More Information

For more information about Israeli kosher food, Elite, or any other Judaica items, please feel free to contact our Judaica experts with any questions or concerns.

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