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AHAVA (the Hebrew word for “love”) is an Israeli company working out of the Dead Sea in Israel creating cosmetic products from the natural minerals of the Dead Sea which are proven to have incredible health benefits. It is currently the only cosmetic company with a license from the Israeli government to mine resources for the Dead Sea.

AHAVA Origins

The Dead Sea has been long recognized as a beautiful place of relaxation and healing. It was recently nominated to be in the top seven wonders of the natural world for several reasons including the fact that it is the lowest place on the earth, and has such a high concentration of minerals (mainly salt) that instead of swimming, visitors find themselves floating effortlessly upon its surface.

The AHAVA brand originated when spa technician Ziva Gilad witnessed some of these visitors scooping up mud directly out of the water and putting it in bags to take it home with them. In 1988 the company began as a single stand selling body scrub filled with minerals from the Dead Sea.


Since 1988, one of the driving forces behind the company’s growth has been its scientific research into the properties of the minerals and salt to make the best products for customers.

As the result of these years of research, AHAVA created the OSMOTER trademark. Present in all AHAVA products, the OSMOTER is mix of natural minerals that use the process of osmosis to restore moisture to the skin's outermost layers.

AHAVA’s research into skin care continues on the banks of the Dead Sea, mainly concentrating on the powerful minerals present at the Dead Sea that include bromide, magnesium, and sodium found in the water. However, AHAVA is also studying other minerals such as silicon dioxide, calcium oxide, and aluminum oxide contained in Dead Sea mud.

Health Benefits

There are a great number of additional minerals present at the natural wonder and AHAVA has found the best way to employ them all to your benefit. The basic effects that can be enjoyed by everyone are both the physically and emotionally relaxing benefits as well as creating a layer of naturally healthy skin.

In addition, Dead Sea products have been known to relieve acne and treat psoriasis. They are also marketed as having anti-aging qualities as they are proven to reduce wrinkle depth by 40%. Dead Sea salts can also help alleviate heavy allergies as well as several forms of arthritis.

The AHAVA Company

In its first year as a single stand, AHAVA brought in an astounding $1 million. Now it exists globally and makes $150 million every year. Amidst such amazing growth, AHAVA has remained environmentally conscious. All of their products are strictly natural but have a minimal effect on the health of the Dead Sea itself. In addition, all products come in recyclable bottles.

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