Osem Bisli Onion Snack (67g)

Osem Bisli Onion Snack (67g)

Osem Bisli Onion Snack

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Osem Bisli Onion Snack (67g)
Osem Bisli Onion Snack (67g)


A 67 gram bag of the onion flavour of Israel’s most celebrated snack for all ages, Bisli is a perfect way to bring Israeli taste and culture to your kids, for social gatherings or for just watching TV.

Bisli is an essential snack for Israelis. You can find Osem Bisli in every store in Israel, at every social gathering, and in everyone’s home pantry. Introduce Israeli culture to your friends with a few bags of Onion Bisli, delivered straight from Israel to your house. The onion flavor of Bisli tastes like an onion snack with some basic spices and is shaped a ring. Bisli is as crunchy as it is tasty and is sure to satisfy your onion snack cravings. You’ll be stunned at how quickly you finish just one bag!
Bisli is Kosher Pareve. Bisli contains gluten (from wheat) and soy and may contain traces of sesame.