Prevent Abortion Efrat Efrat is Israel's premier non-profit organization that helps mothers give birth to and raise children in difficult circumstances.

The problem is so simple, yet so horrific. The solution, though, is even simpler and more beautiful.

Every week in Israel, 900 babies are lost to abortion due mainly to economic concerns. That’s over 50,000 abortions every year. This means that Jewish lives are being lost even before they start, all over a matter of a little money. In Israel especially, where by law, a woman who requests an abortion must submit for approval from a committee of doctors and site the reason for the request, the economic cases of abortion are easily documented, and therefore easily preventable. You just need someone that will stand in the breech and provide the money for the mother or family for whom it is so critically lacking.

Enter Efrat. Before we say anything else, you can find them at Efrat has been around since 1977, saving the lives of unborn babies in Israel by doing the simplest thing of providing food, supplies, and social support to expectant and new mothers. So far they have saved 25,000 babies, and the number they can save is almost entirely dependent on the funds at their disposal.

Each mother registering for an abortion who cites economic concerns gets referred to them directly. If the mother accepts and decides to carry the baby to term, she gets the following. To each mother they provide a year’s worth of supplies including diapers, formula if needed, and canned and dried foods. The value is approximately $850. They go further and add free baby equipment including a crib, a bassinet,  and a stroller, not to mention a baby bath, blankets, clothes, and bottles - a total value of $350. Do the math and it comes out that every baby saved by Efrat was saved for a paltry $1200.

And they don’t stop there. Efrat’s network of over 3,000 volunteers stationed throughout Israel provides social assistance to all expectant and new mothers who need emotional support.

Last year alone, 3,027 mothers accepted Efrat’s financial assistance and social support network. That means over 3,027 babies were saved. And this year there is an extra special opportunity: They are holding a raffle, which you can find at, each ticket at $100.

Third Prize: A digital camera

Second Prize: A brand name laptop

First Prize: 2 Round trip tickets to Israel

And the grand prize, of course, is for everyone – you help save the life of an unborn Jewish baby.