Nucampaign T-Shirts

Do you think the Israeli PR effort is lousy? Well, we do too, so we decided to take a look out there for some good innovators outside of the establishment to help spread Israel’s cause in any way possible. What we found was The new guy on the block has opened up. The man behind the NUCampaign is David Kramer, who came up with an amazing idea: Let’s put Israeli and Jewish causes on T-shirts and let the Jewish People and all friends of Zion be walking advertisements of the truth!

David, the story goes,  was walking in a marketplace in the Holy City of Jerusalem when he noticed an old man fall. The old man was carrying a bunch of groceries that fell everywhere, turned to onlookers and shouted, “NU?”  What he meant: DO SOMETHING! And that’s what these guys are doing. Something. So the idea for the NU campaign was born.

And so it was that they launched, with T-shirts featuring the embattled rocket-fatigued city of Sederot (where you only have 15 seconds to hide from a rocket impact) to Israeli initiatives in Africa. And don’t forget their posters! You can buy one that centers around Gilad Shalit and the story he wrote about the shark and the fish which has become a popular hit in Israel. The shark and the fish, two natural enemies who became friends, keep the story in mind and keep our dear captive Jew in your heart. For the whole story, see the poster. And of course, if you want the T-shirt, you can get that, too. My personal favorite: The Zionist founders T-shirt, which makes the fathers of the State of Israel look real badass.

A quick surf of reveals that they really put a lot into the design and they know what they’re doing. Easily navigable, a pleasure to peruse. Take a look at, and keep them in mind for the high holidays. Get a T-Shirt and become a walking PR project for the Jewish State!

Did we forget to mention that a portion of sales goes toward the organization behind the message of each shirt? Well, consider it mentioned.