Hebrew Name Jewelry Image courtesy of Etsy.com

You may have noticed tourists who have just come home from a trip to Israel sporting a necklace that consists of a chain and some Hebrew text attached to bottom.  You may have even given the wearer a look, not understanding what sort of jewelry or statement they were making by wearing such a thing.  That woman, girl or boy whom you saw wearing a chain with a name on it was wearing a type of necklace popular in Israel known as Hebrew name jewelry.

Most pieces of Hebrew name jewelry consists of a name attached to a chain.  The name may have an accenting piece such as a heart, Star of David or other Jewish symbol.  However, these necklaces could also consist of several small charms engraved with Hebrew names and be attached to a necklace chain.

As an example, consider the piece above which I happen to really like.  This necklace contains the female Jewish name Avigail, or Abigail in English.  This piece is made from silver and the Hebrew letters are in a traditional font.  The piece is accented by a heart at the bottom together with some scrollwork.  This necklace is attached to a thick chain and hooks that keep the pendant attached to the chain.

If you’re looking for a piece such as this one, you can find them online at one of the numerous Judaica stores.  You’ll be able to choose the font as well as whether you would like to add and English name or simply engrave everything on charms that would be attached to a chain.  In addition to this, you can choose all sorts of accenting pieces such as hearts, scrolls and Stars of David.