Divorce under Jewish Wedding Chuppah

They didn’t even have time to return their wedding gifts for store credit. Maybe they should have figured out that they weren’t meant for each other while they were still dating. Yesterday, a couple, during their actual Jewish wedding ceremony, erupted in a fight to the point that the Rabbi had to beg to continue the wedding. The fight started when the families of the bride and groom started arguing about the seating arrangements at the chuppah ceremony.

“You sat your people at the best tables and close to the stage, and you through us next to the bathroom,” the groom’s guests screamed at the wedding chuppah. But it didn’t end there. Under the very chuppah itself, the father of the groom made a degrading sexual solicitation to the mother of the bride. “You need a man and I’m a match,” he whispered to her as they were still standing next to the newlywed couple. Luckily, she didn’t punch him. Maybe she should have.

When she refused, he screamed, “There will be no wedding here today,” which is when the Rabbi started begging for calm and quiet. In the end, they did get married, but the next morning on their honeymoon they started arguing over what happened at the wedding chuppah, yelled at each a bit, and then ran to the Rabbinical court to get a divorce.

The groom claimed at court that his father was only trying to compliment the bride’s mother, and didn’t make any degrading suggestion.

We wish the newly divorced couple well on their separate journeys and can only hope that, someday, the father of the former groom and mother of the former bride will stay away from each other and keep out of their children’s next wedding.