Dating Foru

I just found this cute little thing that may give you some original ideas for taking a girl out and making her remember you as something more than some guy who gave her a free dinner one night. It’s a jewelry and wedding blog called Zoara. The ideas are based on giving the girl an emotional experience based on something other than yourself. Meaning, if you’re just going to dinner, the only thing she can be impressed with is what you say, instead of what you do. If you have more of an active date, she can actually have an impression of you in action, which takes some of the pressure off you to be the most interesting human being on the planet or she’ll leave.

If you take her somewhere to do something nice for society – cleaning up a park, volunteering in a soup kitchen, talking to strangers in Central Park together just to give other people an interesting day or what have you…the trick is to present it confidently and to lead. If you are strong enough and believe in your right to do what you want without worrying about what she thinks about it, you’ll more likely than not succeed. She may be initially put off, but if you stay calm, she’ll come through. The key is establishing an initial base of trust, and even if it doesn’t work out, you didn’t waste your time and money.

If you spend a date dealing with something other than the two of you exclusively, the pressure is taken off both of you and you have a better chance of just sitting back and relaxing. For a second date you can sit down and focus on each other, but it’s best not to do that initially, since you have no idea who the other even is.