Where to Buy Tekhelet?

In recent years, the wearing of Tekhelet has become increasingly widespread and as a result, these blue strings that are found on the corners of many Tallitot and Tallit Katan garments are in high demand.  However, it should be noted that there are two different types of Tekhelet available, one of which is considered to be more genuine and accurate than the other.

If you are looking for Tekhelet that comes a squid/cuttlefish in accordance with the Radzyner Hassidic tradition, these strings can be found for an affordable price.  These Tekhelet sets generally come with four strings that are dyed a dark shade of blue.

If you are looking for the Tekhelet that comes from the Murex Trunculus snail, there are very few distributors and only one producer.  This is because the process of removing Tekhelet Dye from the Murex Trunculus snail is a difficult process and extremely time consuming.  It is also because the snail only lives on the coasts of Mediterranean Sea such as in Israel and Lebanon, Tekhelet must be purchased in Israel from specific suppliers.  Consequently, this type of Tekhelet is considerably more expensive, both because of the process and because these Tekhelet sets come with white Tzitzit strings.