Tallit Made in Israel

There’s no better choice for purchasing a tallit than choosing one that was fully designed and produced in Israel! These tallitot – made by a wide selection of manufacturers – are exported all around the world. In addition to simply being Israeli products, these Israeli tallitot are some of the most beautiful in production anywhere. When you purchase an Israeli tallit, you not only are supporting the Israeli economy, but you physically touch a piece of Israel every time you wear the tallit, reminding you of your close bond with Israel.

Different Israeli companies produce a different array of tallitot. One of the most loved Israeli judaica brands is Yair Emanuel. Based in Jerusalem, Yair Emanuel’s style blends traditional motifs and ancient Jewish manuscripts with modern and oriental art. Yair Emanuel tallitot are most famous for vivid and harmonious colors, also there are also a number of beautiful raw silk tallitot that offer the Yair Emanuel “feel” but with a more muted color range.

Other manufacturers such as Talitania (in Bnei Brak) and Rikmat Elimelech (in Kfar Pines) create beautiful, more traditional tallitot that are worn in Israel as well as abroad. As with all tallit manufacturers, Israeli-made tallitot are produced in Israel but exported all over the world, and can be purchased via many online retailers as well as in local Judaica stores.