Tallit Clips

Tallit clips are an appropriate accessory for any man or woman who wears a tallit during prayer.

A tallit is a Jewish prayer shawl worn around the back and draped over the arms when praying.  Tallitot draped over the shoulders and arms often move around during praying, particularly during Jewish prayers that involve the transitioning between sitting and standing.  The easiest and best solution to the problem of a loose tallit is the use of tallit clips to hold the tallit together.

Tallit clips are small objects connected with a small chain that holds the two sides of the tallit prayer shawl together.  Though it may seem insignificant, it is actually very important. Prior to wearing a tallit a blessing is recited.  If the tallit remains in place the blessing is recited only once, however if the tallit were to slip or fall the blessing must be repeated.  Though by no means a bad thing, having to stop to repeat the blessing and adjust the tallit is often a distraction form concentrating on prayer. With use of tallit clips the wearer can remain focused in mind and spirit in their prayers.

The tallit clips can be made of simple base metals or pewter, though many more sophisticated tallit clips are made of sterling silver and even gold.  Designs on tallit clips vary from the very simple to the highly detailed.  Some of the most common designs for tallit clips include images of the Ten Commandments, the Star of David, Hamsa, as well as scenes of the old city of Jerusalem and the Western Wall.

Traditionally, the tallit is given to a thirteen year old boy for his Bar Mitzvah, upon which he becomes an adult according to Jewish law. Typically a tallit is given to a boy from his father for such an occasion; however it is also very common for tallit to be given to a son-in-law by his father-in-law at a Jewish wedding.  As such tallit clips make a thoughtful gift for a bar Mitzvah boy as wells as for a groom as a wedding gift.