Tallit Cases

One excellent way in which to care for and store ones’ Tallit is with the use of a Tallit case. The Tallit is a four-cornered prayer shawl with specially knotted fringes known as the Tzitzit; the Tallit is worn as a reminder to live a Mitzvah-centered life.  The practice of wearing a Tallit or Tzitzit comes from Numbers 15:37-40, “God told Moses ‘Speak to the Children of Israel, and guide them through their generations to make fringe on the corners of their garments.”

It is of great importance to treat the Tallit and Tzitzit with great care and respect.  For this reason many choose to use a Tallit case in replacement of, or often even in addition to the use of a Tallit bag. Tallitot can be stored directly in a case or first wrapped in a Tallit bag before being placed in a Tallit case for extra protection.

Tallit cases vary in size depending on the size or type of Tallit that is to be stored inside it.  Unlike a Tallit Bag that is often without pockets a Tallit case will often offer multiple pockets or compartments for the storage of the Kippah, Tefillin and some larger Tallit cases even have room to store the Siddur.

Tallit cases are available in a wide variety of materials and styles to suit your needs.  Many Tallit cases are available in leather, faux leather, nylons and plastics to create safe and often waterproof homes for the Tallit.  Normally most Tallit cases are in a briefcase design for easy transport.  A briefcase style Tallit case regularly features a single handle for carrying; some designs offer multiple handles as well as a shoulder strap to assist with travel.

Though many Tallit cases are simple or plain in design it is common to adorn the Tallit case with a metal plaque.  Plaques typically will feature the word Tallit, in Hebrew, and often feature vistas of the Old City of Jerusalem, the Western Wall, floral or filigree patterns.  Many chose to personalize Tallit cases by having the Tallit owner's name engraved on the plaque as well.  Tallit cases make excellent gifts, especially for Bar Mitzvahs and weddings.  Adding an engraving of a Bar Mitzvah boy or groom's name with the date is a special way to commemorate such a joyous occasion.