How to Choose the Right Size for your Tallit

For Orthodox Jews, a tallit is only worn by males, and is generally large in size, (about 75-80 inches wide) covering most of the body. A tallit is also worn by boys of Bar Mitzvah age in certain Jewish circles. In the Reform and Conservative sects of Judaism it is common for adult women, as well as girls of Bat Mitzvah age to wear a tallit. A women’s tallit is generally smaller in size, resembling a scarf. Height, weight and gender are all important factors when deciding on a size for your tallit. For a man wearing a full size tallit, determine whether you are slender build, with narrow shoulders, or on the huskier side with wider shoulders to gauge the width of your tallit. Height is also a factor, if you are a man that stands at less than 5’6” you will want to consider purchasing a tallit that is shorter in length. The same concept applies for men who stand at average height, a medium length tallit would be best suited, and for above average height, a long tallit. Although generally smaller in size than a traditional men’s tallit, women’s tallitot come in a much wider variety of shapes and sizes. Choosing the right size is mostly a matter of taste, but also depends on height and weight. Women’s tallitot come in full sized, medium, shoulder length sized and short, scarf style sized. Although weight, height and gender do come into play when choosing a tallit, the most important thing to remember a length, size, and style you are most comfortable with.