How Much to Spend on a Tallit

It can sometimes be difficult to decide how much to spend on a tallit, but there are important factors to consider when creating a budget for such a meaningful purchase.

The first factor to consider is what the purpose of the tallit is.  Are you purchasing this for a small Bar Mitzvah boy who will outgrow it within a year or two, or are you purchasing this tallit as one that will be worn for a lifetime?  While you may want to spend on a Bar or Bat Mitzvah tallit, it is important to consider if this tallit will be worn for decades or just a few years.A common reason for purchasing a tallit is to place it over a Chuppa at weddings.  For such an occasion it is important to make sure you allow for a large enough budget so that the tallit will be at least 60? or 5? wide so that it will be of proper size for such a use.

If you are purchasing a tallit that you want to wear and then pass down through generations, then you may want to consider increasing your budget and truly make sure that you purchase the best tallit you can.  This tallit won’t just be a religious item for you, but it will become a family heirloom that will be passed down “L’dor v’dor.”

Should you find yourself simply purchasing a tallit that you plan on wearing for your own personal use, simply take the care to purchase whatever tallit defines what you want to wear when you are engaged in prayer.  That tallit may be a simple shawl with blue stripes or it may be a magnificently detailed 72? x 60? tallit with a hand painted design upon it.  The only person who can determine what fits what you were looking for.

Regardless of what budget you set or how you plan on using the tallit you purchase, the most important thing to remember is that you are purchasing a ritual item.  This is more than something that is to be worn, but it is a connection to your faith and heritage.  Be sure to take the proper care in your search so that you get a tallit that will hold meaning for you.