Extra Tallit Strings

The Tallit is worn at home, in synagogues, or at any time during prayer. The most important part of a Tallit is the Tzitzit, or fringes on the corners of the Tallit.  Tzitzit are worn on the four corners of a Tallit, according to Jewish law. The fringes must be spun, and twined, and properly attached to the garment, specifically for the Mitzvah of Tzitzit.  There are two types of Tallit, Tallit Katan, which is a smaller Tallit typically worn under the clothes at almost all times, and Tallit Gadol, a larger Tallit worn over the clothing during prayer. Both types of Tallit are required to have tzitzit.

Learning to tie Tzitzit is a valuable skill, particularly for someone who wears a Tallit Katan since they are more susceptible to becoming dirty, frayed, and snapping. Though a Tallit may remain kosher in the event of a Tallit string snapping, it is customary to replace the damaged Tzitzit or strings as a demonstration of respect for the Tallit and as a way to honor it through beautification.

Given how often a Tallit is worn it is not uncommon that Tallit strings can become worn, damaged or knotted over time from wear and or in the laundry.  If your Tallit strings or Tzitzit become broken damaged or knotted, this can cause a Tallit to become not kosher.  What do you do if your tallit strings become knotted, worn, or snap?  While many would rush to a store that offers Tallit repair, these can be extremely difficult to find.  For many it is easier and more convenient to purchase Tallit strings and preform repairs themselves.

Tallit strings can be purchased online as well as in stores where Tallitot are sold. It is important to buy kosher Tallit strings that are of the same material as your Tallit.  A Tallit can be made of wool, linen, or silk, but may not contain a combination of wool and linen because of the prohibition of mixing fabrics (shaatnez) in the same garment. As such Tallit strings should be of the same material as the Tallit itself, meaning a wool Tallit should have wool strings, silk Tallit silk strings, etc.  Tallit strings are typically sold in packs of 16 strings, enough to restring all four Tzitzit of a Tallit.