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The Best of Nurit Hirsh – Nurit Hirsh

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The Best of Nurit Hirsh – Nurit Hirsh

This two set anthology features the songs of Israeli music score writer and composer Nurit Hirsh and includes 44 award-winning songs.

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The Best of Nurit Hirsh – Nurit Hirsh

Learn about Nurit Hirsh, one of Israel’s greatest musical score writers and composers, and why her songs are internationally acclaimed in countries such as Japan, Greece and Ireland with this two disc collection. The album includes Nurit’s best-known songs such as "Lily Flower", "Only in Israel", "Give me your hand" and "My Jerusalem". The songs on this unique album are performed by the top Israeli musicians such as David Broza and Yehoram Gaon.
This item is a great gift for a movie lover!

Song List:

Disc 1:

1) Chava Alberstein - Perach HaLilach (Lily Flower)

2) Lior Yani - Bo'i LeEilat

3) Ruthi Navon - Chashmal BeKapot Yadecha

4) Ilanit - Sham

5) Miri Aloni - Ahavat Itamar Ben Avi

6) Shlishiyat Gesher HaYarkon - Chula Chula

7) Yehoram Gaon - Itach Biladayich

8) Rivka Zohar - Ben Yafeh Nolad

9) David Broza - Al Tish'ali Im Ani Ohev

10) Tzevet Chavei Nachal - Mal'ach Mesulam Yaakov

11) Yigal Bashan - LeTzafon BeAhava

12) Chava Alberstein - Machela Aliza

13) Ilan & Ilanit - Veshuv Itchem

14) Lehakat Pikud Tzafon - Ha'Ahava HaPerach

15) Avi Toledano - BaDerech Cazara

16) Ofra Haza - Kol Yom Matchila Shana

17) Yehoram Gaon - BePardes LeYad HaShokat

18) Lehakat Hakis/Dalit Kahana - Bo BeShalom

19) Yardena Arazi - Ata Li Eretz

20) Shoshana Damari - Zion Halo Tish'ali

21) Tzila Dagan - Shira Shel Mimi

22) Yehoram Gaon - Layla Tov LeAhava

Disc 2:

1) Ushik Levi - Balada LaShoter

2) Arik Sinai - Habatim Shenigmeru Leyad Hayam

3) Chava Alberstein - Shir BeMatana

4) Tzevet Chavei Nachal - Zemer Shechaza

5) Lehakat Chail Hayam - Rak BeIsrael (Only in Israel)

6) Izhar Cohen - Avnivi

7) Ilanit - Kvar Ahcrei Chatzot

8) Lehakat HaNachal - LeAchad HaChayalim

9) Chava Alberstein - Nechama

10) Yehoram Gaon - Hachnisini Tachat Knafayich

11) Boaz Sharabi - Tni Li Yad (Give Me Your Hand)

12) Ilanit - Ahavata Shel Tereza Daimon

13) Shoshana Damari - Bo Elai

14) Tzevet Mishtatfei Hahtazaga - Yerushalayim Sheli (My Jerusalem)

15) Yehoram Gaon - Gesher Allenby

16) Chava Alberstein - Etz HaKohavim

17) Yehoram Gaon/Hayonim - Ulai Al Sfat HaYam

18) Ilanit/Shlishiyat Tzeva Teri - Lalechet Shvi Acharayich

19) Zev Revach/Tzevet Mishtatfei Hamehazemer - Sallah Shabati/Ah I Reev

20) Yehoram Gaon - Ani Zoher

21) Tzemed Darom - Ose Shalom

22) Ilan & Ilanit. BaShana HaBaah

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