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Gidi Gov: Shlal Shirav (3 Discs) – Gidi Gov

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Gidi Gov: Shlal Shirav (3 Discs) – Gidi Gov

Learn why Gidi Gov, one of the founding members of the famous Israeli pop group Kaveret draw massive crowds and has produced numerous bestselling albums with this three disc collection.

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Gidi Gov: Shlal Shirav (3 Discs) – Gidi Gov

This collection by Gido Gov is an anthology of this famous Israeli pop star’s hits over the course of his impressive 36 years career that includes "Moon Dance", "I fall in love again" and "Not a Day". This pop anthology also includes never head before performances with Israeli music artists such as Yehuda Ravitz, Rona Kenan, Eran Weitz, Yuval Shafrir and Ziv Kurza. This three disc album is a great sampling of the top pop and rock songs in Israel over the last half century.
This item is a wonderful housewarming or holiday gift idea!

Song List:

Disc 1:

1) Ha'ikar Zeh Romantica

2) Biladayich

3) Bo'i Nesha'er

4) Ad Haboker

5) Tov Shebat

6) Eich Shir Nolad

7) Ein Li Kesef

8) Tenu Ligdol Basheket

9) Gan Sagur '83

10) Choref

11) Kim'at Stav

12) Hu Ma Yihyeh

13) Keilim Shluvim

14) Shetach Hahefker

15) Shalosh Balaila Bair

16) Perach

17) Yoram

18) Shlal Shirav

Disc 2:

1) Nech'az Ba'avir

2) Ein Od Yom

3) Na'ara Bamishkafayim

4) Adayin Mehakeh Lach

5) Biktzeh Hahar

6) Lama Libech Kemo Kerach

7) Ani Shuv Mitahev

8) Lolita

9) Gigolo

10) Rikud Yareach

11) Kesheat Mechayechet

12) Mi Tirtzi

13) Haleitzan Ha'atzuv

14) Yesh Ei Sham

15) Ahlah Olam

Disc 3:

1) Haforte Vehayareach - with Yardena Arazi

2) Bein Shalosh Uvein Arba

3) Ya'aleh Veyavo

4) Siman She'ata Tzair (Live)

5) Shir Ha'avoda

6) Ma Ata Bichlal Yodea Al Ahava

7) Negia Ahat Raka

8) Inyan Shel Zman

9) Ani Guitara - with Meir Rothman

10) Panas Boded - with Israel Poliakov

11) Babustanim

12) Suru Meni

13) Zemer Lasfina

14) Eretz Agada

15) Seranada Lach - with Muni Moshonov and Shlomo Barana

16) Harikud Hamuzar Shel Halev - with Rona Keinan

17) Tzipor Hamichnasayim

18) Nitpaisa - with Tamar Giladi

19) Abba Nirdam (Abba Sheli) - with Aya Korem

20) Shana Tova

21) Yedid Nefesh (Rasta Version)

22) Rehov Sumsum

23) Singing a Song

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