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Bat Mitzvah

Bat Mitzvah

January 13, 2013 Back
Bat Mitzvah

"Bnot Mitzvah"

When Jewish girls turn twelve years old, they are considered to be “bnot mitzvah," or “daughters of mitzvah." This means that when these young ladies turn twelve years of age they celebrate not only being viewed by society as an adult, but, most importantly, they celebrate their religious accountability.  According to Judaism, when a girl turns twelve she is obligated in all the commandments incumbent upon Jewish women. This means, for example, that she must fast on Yom Kippur, keep the Sabbath, and separate a portion of the dough, or challah, and more. Bat Mitzvah age is an exciting time both for the young lady as well as her proud parents.


Many girls, upon turning bat mitzvah age, celebrate by gathering their family and friends. Sometimes the girl will even give a dvar Torah, a short Torah lesson. Celebrations can be grand and pricey or small, intimate and affordable, even in the girl’s house. Of course, one of the perks that the girl gets on her bat mitzvah is receiving many bat mitzvah gifts, such as Bat Mitzvah Jewelry.


Every girl and woman loves to receive gifts. Whether she is five, twelve or seventy, receiving gifts is always welcome and enjoyable. Some common bat mitzvah gifts include clothes and books. Books can be either novels that the girl have been wanting to read, or by her favorite author. However, many prefer to get books that revolve around Jewish topics, in order to commemorate this special age. For example, a book about laws of Shabbos, or about basic Jewish faith and principles would make a very appropriate bat mitzvah gift.

Woman's Responsibility

On her bat mitzvah a girl becomes, according to Jewish law, a woman. And as a woman, she would like to receive jewelry that is more mature than what she has owned so far. Nothing is off limits, not even diamonds. Bat mitzvah jewelry is a beautiful, thoughtful gift idea that will never get old. Also remember that bat mitzvah girls, since they receive so much jewelry on their special day, also need a great Jewelry Box.

So, for instance, you can opt for a stunning round box with a silk exterior and interior that will keep the jewelry in one piece. On the box you can have either the girl’s star sign, the Hebrew names of our Four Mothers, Jewish symbols like, chai, and more.

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