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What Is Judaisms Evidence of G-d

What is Judaism’s Evidence of God?

January 13, 2013 Back
What is Judaism’s Evidence of God?

How does Judaism go about justifying its belief in G-d? There are two basic answers to this question, and both are historically based. The first comes from the philosopher and poet Judah HaLevy, who wrote the book “The Kuzari” in the 12th century. His thesis is that any mass event in history cannot be fabricated. For example, take World War II (not the example he used of course). There may be doubts as to certain details of the war that were only reportedly witnessed by few people, but the general event of the war was so massive that it could not have possibly been fabricated.

Most events that are fabricated involve few witnesses, or possibly even only one witness, that sees an event and reports it, which is why UFO sightings only involve at most a few people. One person can lie, and even several can come together and conspire. But an event that effects entire masses cannot be made up. It can be false, but it cannot be a lie.

Another example, take a solar eclipse. We may see historical records in the ancient world of “Zeus covering up the sun out of anger” or something similar. This is false, because Zeus did not cover up the sun out of anger, but the people who reported this event weren’t lying. They were just incorrect about the cause because they didn’t understand what a solar eclipse is, but they did honestly report what they saw.

Steering towards Judaism, there are two mass events in the Jewish Bible that could not have been fabricated. One is the falling of the manna in the desert, and the other is the Revelation at Mount Sinai. Both of these events were reported to have happened to an entire nation of people whose count is recorded as 603,550 males over 20 years of age. Therefore, if these events happened, there were well over a million, perhaps even 2 or 3 million, witnesses to both of them.

There is no other record in any religious document of anything like this with so many witnesses ever happening or being reported. This is a mass event, like World War II or a solar eclipse. The question now is, was it G-d at Sinai, or was it an earthquake? Was it manna or was it a natural food source that the Israelites did not recognize?

The answer to that question lies in the very existence of the Jewish people today. Every promise as given in the Bible to the Jewish people as a nation has come true. Their expulsion from their land, Israel, and their return to it has actually happened in a historical sense. Their punishments, massacres, holocausts, genocides, expulsions, have been recorded throughout world history, and are also promised in the Bible. They are the only nation on Earth to survive with their identity intact after millenia of exile and actually return to their homeland.

There is no other parallel in human history of this happening to another nation. So either G-d was at Sinai and sending manna down , or there is a historical anomaly here that cannot be explained.

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