Veggie Stuffed Pumpkin for Sukkot
For Sukkot, many families try to find recipes that are great to eat outside, are great for guests, are great for the feelings of autumn, and are made with harvest vegetables. Sukkot is a wonderful holiday full of harvest vegetables, fall weather, and outdoor meals. This tasty stuffed pumpkin recipe fits in perfectly with those characteristics. Try it today! For sukkah decoration ideas, click here


· 1 (5 pounds) pumpkin
· 2 to 3 cups brown rice, cooked
· 2 cups crumbled dry whole wheat bread (or part corn bread or other bread)
· 1 onion, chopped
· 1/2 to 1 cup chopped celery and leaves
· 2 apples (tart and unpeeled), chopped
· 1 cup roasted chestnuts or a handful of cashew nuts, cut in half
· Herbs: Sage, savory, marjoram, oregano, and paprika to taste
· 1 to 2 cups vegetable stock
· 1/4 to 1/2 cup butter, melted, or safflower oil
· Soy sauce or salt to taste


Cut off top of pumpkin to make a lid. Remove the seeds and scrape out any stringy pulp. Combine brown rice, bread, onion, celery, apples, chestnuts or cashews, and herbs in a large mixing bowl and mix well with hands. Add stock and butter, and mix well, adding soy sauce and salt if desired. Stuffing should be moist but not wet. 

Pack loosely into pumpkin, replace lid, and bake on oiled cookie sheet for 1-1/2 hours or more at 325 degrees F. It is done when a fork pushes easily through the pumpkin. Transfer to a casserole dish and serve at the table, scooping out some of the tender pumpkin flesh with each serving of stuffing. If the pumpkin is organically grown, you may eat the skin too. 

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