Creative Mishlach Manot Purim Olive Basket
When Purim season comes along, people are always trying to find creative ways to give Purim gift baskets, or Mishlach Manot. Since giving Mishlach Manot is one of the four Purim commandments (along with eating a festive meal, hearing the megilah, and giving to the poor), it’s important to do it right! This creative idea uses olives in different forms.  For olive oil straight from Israel to make your basket truly Israeli, browse our olive oil gallery. 


·         Rosemary-Infused Olive Oil 
·         Basil Oil 
·         Lemon and Bay Leaf Infused Olive Oil 
·         Citrus-Marinated Olives 
·         Olive Tapenade 


Combine these oils and other olive products into a nice package. The theme is sure to impress! Happy Purim! 

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