Passover Homemade Gefilte Fish
Gefilte fish has been associated with Ashkenazi Jewry for a very long time. It always tends to make its way into jokes in Hollywood movies and onto tables of Jews around the world. If you’ve always loved gefilte fish, but also always wondered what is in it, you can make it now at home! Explore our galleries for more ideas on Passover.

Ingredients for Fish Balls: 

· 2 pounds of fish fillets (mix of carp, whitefish, haddock, yellow pike and/or cod) 
· 2 carrots 
· 1 onion 
· 2 eggs, well-beaten 
· 1/2 cup matzo meal 
· 1-2 tablespoon sugar 
· 1 tablespoon salt 
· 1/2 teaspoon pepper 
· cold water may be added if needed to get the mixture to stick together 

Ingredients for Fish Stock: 

· 8 cups of water 
· 4 carrots 
· 2 onions
· 2 tablespoons sugar 
· 2 tablespoons salt 
· 2 teaspoons pepper 
· fish bones and heads 


Mince fish in a food processor. Grind carrots and onion in food processor. In a bowl, combine ground fish and vegetables with the eggs. In a separate bowl, mix matzo meal, sugar, salt and pepper. Combine the two mixes and beat until light. Cover and chill for one hour. 

Boil a large pot of fish stock. With wet hands, take 3 tablespoons of the fish mixture at a time and roll into ovals. Gently add gefilte fish to the boiling fish stock. Make sure the stock covers the fish balls. Simmer, uncovered, for two hours. Water should be added if needed to keep the fish balls covered. Remove the fish balls, carrots and onions from the fish stock. Cool. Refrigerate. 

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