Yet another concert cancellation…
A 150-member choir from the U.S.A and a number of soloists cancelled their concert in Israel because of the “flotilla affair”

Another much-awaited concert has been cancelled by the performers. This time it is not the pop music consumers who are left without their daily panem et circenses but rather the classical music lovers, who had to register another disappointment in a long row of cultural events boycotted by overseas performers. It eludes my understanding what the actual connection between a world-famous choir and a range of soloist and a so-called politically correct act like protesting the flotilla affair is, the fact being that in the past I have never heard of anybody or any organization boycotting the meanest and cruelest jailers of Gilad Shalit, who — like we all know — is not permitted even a visit of the International Red Cross.

I congratulate the few members of the choir and of course the three soloists who arrived despite all and I am immensely proud of the organizers who put together with exceptional astuteness a replacement choir to perform the Requiem by Mozart, one of the most beautiful works ever written by any composer.

In fact I also congratulate our audiences for accepting with good grace the improvised event and I hope that they will give a standing ovation for soloists, choir and last but not least the organizers.  In a very small voice I add, that maybe in the future we can exclude this “politically correct” choir and the soloist from appearing on Israeli stages.