Why World of Judaica does not Report on Shalit

Those readers of this news blog may have realized that we don’t report on Gilad Shalit developments. This does not indicate that we don’t care about the soldier, but indeed that we care too much to report about any developments in the case for the secure of his release. Indeed, the phrase, “at any price” is often heard when it comes to his release, but in reality, there is no such thing as “at any price”. It is now culturally unacceptable to assassinate or execute Hamas leaders in order to bring about his release because that would be “lowering to their level”.

Would it? These people are our enemies and if we do want Shalit back “at any price,” then why not start assassinating Hamas leaders like we did in 2001-2004? Make it clear that if they harm him, the IDF will attack and reconquer the Strip, something which will probably have to be done in the future anyway when Iranian weapons start flowing in more vigorously.

A new video has been released by opponents to what is termed “The Shalit Camp” who support a prisoner exchange on the scale of 1,000 to 1 which would undoubtedly strengthen Hamas and lead to the murders of hundreds more Israelis who as of yet are unnamed. The video explains clearly why we do not report on any developments in the Shalit case.