Tea Party Peace Talks

The Tea Party’s recent victories in primaries this past weekend, including shocking upsets of the Republican establishment candidates in Delaware (Chistine O’Donnell on the right) and New York, is the first time in American history since the Democratic and Republican parties were solidified that an anti establishment movement has ever garnered any serious power. Since the mid 90?s American politics have been teetering in radical shifts, the public unsure of what they wanted, just knowing they want something different from what was being offered thus far in their nation’s capital in Washington.

Clinton won easily over Bush in ’92, only to see the most sweeping defeat of Democrats in both houses of congress in ’94. That itself should have been enough to prove that Americans cared less about parties than they did about just wanting something different. The economy was flying in the mid 90?s so Clinton was reelected, and then the country become so evenly split in 2000 that Bush beat Gore by just over 500 votes in a country of 300,000,000 souls. Granted it’s only Florida that counted but the point is the same.

Bush got reelected on the winds of 9/11 but then change started gripping the country again. Obama was so different from Bush, at least its seemed, and congressional approval ratings at such lows that the nation wanted something different once again. They picked Obama in a landslide, after all he was change and that was his slogan, and he turned out to be the most liberal President ever elected to the Oval Office. But is he that different from Bush? In terms of spending and putting the country into debt, not so much.

And now the Tea Party, a conservative force that is opposed to pretty much everything Obama stands for and a lot of what Bush did as well, is gaining force and is represented by people who have had pretty much nothing to do with politics at all until just recently. They are nobodies who are trying to become the US government in order to slash it down and yes, change it. This time it seems they might actually do it.

Those who elected Obama on change did not really know what he meant by change. They just wanted something different, and Obama was a black liberal instead of a white right cowboy. But those who are elevating the tea party have a pretty good idea of how it will change things. What they will do is very clear. Cut spending, cut taxes, cut government, cut regulations, cut their own salaries, and cut down on American apologies to the world for being America.  This at a time where America’s standing as the leader of the free world is in palpable danger and a financial collapse may not be far off.

On to Israel. They also want change, but their situation is much different, as they have no options for it at the moment. No matter who gets elected in the Jewish State, the agenda will be the same. Peace talks, swatting at rockets, a war here and there, more peace talks. If not for one thing: Secretary of State Hillary Clinton openly stated earlier this week that the current talks are the last chance for the peace process to succeed. After all, Abbas’ term as PA president expired last year and Hamas is on the verge of a West Bank takeover. So if not now, it’ll be never.

The question is, after the inevitable failure of these talks in a matter of weeks when the building freeze comes to an end, and whatever earthquakes hit the PA and Israeli leadership immediately following as what happened in 2000 with the breakout of the Second Intifadah, the Palestinians will of course turn to Hamas. But where will Israel turn to? More peace talks? There won’t be that option as a political platform anymore.

The Israeli political universe has been so dominated by the concept of peace and peace talks for so long that it knows no other language, which is why all of its political parties endorse the same political platform. When that explodes in a Hamas flame, an Israeli Tea Party will then have to be formed for a real change in the country’s identity.

America and Israel are both headed for fundamental change, as both countries are teetering on the brink of collapse: America – financial. Israel – political. It will be interesting to see how the mess will be sorted.