Sarkozy “Can’t Stand” Netanyahu; Obama has to “Deal with Him Every Day”

A new “accidental microphone” gaffe happened yesterday when President Obama and French President Sarkozy were in a room at the UN discussing Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu. The two happened to quip at each other about how much they dislike the man. This is not all that surprising, being that Obama is not the first Democratic President to not like Bibi. Former President Clinton was also reportedly not such a close friend, which is why Clinton spent a lot of money trying to get Ehud Barak elected in 1999 to defeat Netanyahu. Barak's tenure happened to be the shortest in Israeli history.

Sarkozy apparently told Obama that he could not “stand” Netanyahu and that he thinks that he “is a liar,” to which Obama replied, “You’re fed up with him, but I have to deal with him every day!”

I wouldn’t go so far as to condemn either Sarkozy or Obama of “anti-Semitism” simply because they dislike Netanyahu and think he’s a liar. I’m more curious to know what they think he’s lying about. It would indeed be a different world if international leaders spoke openly about to the people instead of diplomatic statements that have very little meaning.

After all, Netanyahu is a politician, and many people, even in Israel, who don’t like him either. (Of course, there are also many that do.) What I find rather hypocritical, is a man like Obama, who came to office promising to shut down Guantanamo Bay and pull all American soldiers out of Iraq immediately, calling another political leader a liar. Whether or not you agree with Obama’s initial promises, he is the commander in chief of the US armed forces. Therefore he does not need Congressional approval to shut down Guantanamo or pull troops out of Iraq even tomorrow if he wanted to. The fact that he still has not done so means that yes, he is also a “liar”. So we have here a classic case of the pot calling the kettle black.

There are very few principled politicians left on the planet, and it’s hard to take it in any way seriously when one politician, French or American, calls out another one for lying. Common people, Jews and non-Jews alike should look at this and giggle.