Oil Found In Israel

Those who have been following this news blog may have noticed that World of Judaica reported on the progress of the Magad 5 oil well, and may have also noticed by reading the op ed section that I am a religious man. On that basis I am going to make a prediction for tomorrow, September 15th 2010, when the final engineers’ report is due on the oil well Magad 5 being dug by the Gevaot oil exploration company in Rosh Ha’Ayin. I am making this prediction solely on the basis of biblical verses and a series of what may seem to be coincidences, but to me at least they are clear, and I hope they prove to be true.

Tomorrow, the Jewish state will find out if it’s sitting on top of a gold mine. Tomorrow, of all weeks on the Jewish calendar, and that is not insignificant. Back to that in a minute. The name of the company digging for this oil is Gevaot. The name Gevaot is mentioned in the Torah at the very end of Deuteronomy in Moses’ parting blessings to the tribes of Israel. It is mentioned specifically in the blessing for the tribes of Ephraim and Menashe, the sons of Joseph. In the blessing, Moses takes note of the fertile and blessed aportionment of land given to the two tribes north of Jerusalem. The opening verse of that blessing reads “And of Joseph he said: His land is blessed by God. From the gifts of dew and those of the heavens, to the dark depths stirring beneath.”

Translating poetry is always a difficult endeavor, but the dark depths stirring beneath seems quite similar to the idea of an oil well. That, and the land Gevaot is drilling in is none other than the allotment of Ephraim and Menashe, right by modern day Rosh Ha’Ayin. But there are more “coincidences” at play here.

This is the fifth attempt Gevaot has made at finding oil in Israel. They have called this well Magad 5, and the word Meged appears 5 times in Moses’ parting blessing to Joseph. The company’s name, Gevaot, also appears in the blessing. Perhaps they planned this, though as I am not on the board of directors of Gevaot I don’t know.

We may round it off with the date. The specific date I think is of little importance, however, those familiar with the yearly Torah reading cycle know that the Torah portion where this verse appears is called VeZot HaBracha, and it is the last portion of the entire Torah. It just happens to be this week’s portion, the same week that Gevaot is releasing its final announcement regarding what, indeed, is down there in the “dark depths stirring beneath Rosh Ha’Ayin.”

And what’s down there? I’ll put my money where my faith is and say it’s oil. In 24 hours time, we’ll know for sure. And if we’re wrong, well, maybe it all is just a coincidence.  Either way, tomorrow will be an exciting day in Israel.