Israel and American Foreign Aid
For the Lord your God will bless you as He told you. You will lend to many nations but you will not borrow. You will rule many nations but they will not rule you.


American foreign aid to Israel is the largest foreign aid package given by America to any other country in the world. As a result there is a strong and growing sentiment among some Americans that Israel controls and spoils American foreign policy. In the United States of America, we hear such complaints, sometimes, on either side of the aisle.

However, because of the big business benefits which corporate America gains from Israel in the weapons manufacturing, software and other lucrative sectors; the military benefits in the way of intelligence and other perks of being an empire, it is a fact that Israel’s foreign policy is actually controlled by America. That is to say, an American’s vote can directly dictate Israeli foreign policy and not vice versa.

American citizens who claim that a Jewish State in the Middle East of 6 million controls their foreign policy when in fact the opposite is true, is an example of certain American citizens not recognizing that they live in the geopolitical heart of an empire, of which Israel is just a due adjunct; and a red flag for anti Semitism because it is a Jewish country.

The word is mum about America’s 700 to 800 military bases worldwide, certainly the pragmatism of which stands to be questioned by a country which is not actually vying for global military domination; and the citizen tax dollars used to operate these training facilities must be more than the $3 billion given to Israel every year in loan guarantees, and demanded back in the form of US-produced weapons bought by much of this monopoly money.

To fully grasp the extent of America’s imperialism and the centrality of the Jewish nation to it, we may explore the position of the Jewish people within the Roman Empire of old, living both within Judea and spread throughout the empire.

During the reign of Julius Caesar, for example, Jews were the only non-pagan religious group in the Roman Empire to enjoy certain legal privileges like exemption from emperor worship and military service and even the right to govern and tax themselves.

Israel does well by the United States, in fact she is her best friend – but the Jews did well by Caesar once upon a time, or so it seems. The benefits which Jews in the Empire received are said to have given way to a strong anti-Jewish sentiment by other non-Romans throughout the Empire, of which Jews made up 10% of that population.

Resentment towards the modern State of Israel because of the sheer amount of America’s foreign aid and arguable danger to Homeland security is something of an eerie parallel.

King Herod the Great was once popular throughout Rome. The non-Jewish Idumean King of the Jews was not only the head-honcho Hellenizer of Judea – by way of architecture and other cultural catches to kiss up to Rome – but he sold salt and asphalt from the Dead Sea throughout the Empire, thereby stabilizing a relationship based on mutual commercial interests. Well, today the relationship between the United States and the modern state of Israel is based on weapons, technology, software, military intelligence and other elements which necessitate such a symbiotic system.

So shall we simply stand by and admire the patterns which time makes – detached and unaware of the dangerous messages to be decoded therein? If Israel exists as a sovereign country yet solely under the auspices of an imperial world power and exclusively to serve them somehow, be it the spread of democracy, an outpost for military intelligence, the appeasement of Diaspora Jews, or simply a Holocaust concession – how long will it be before the Titus of tomorrow jams the knife into Israel’s back?

On September 2nd when the Triumvirs meet in Washington and Obama extends Israel’s West Bank building freeze for her and attempts to shrink her borders, keep these echoes and parallels of imperialism in mind.