I Beg Your Pardon, President Mubarak

Sometimes I think that I may have lost my sanity, but then on second thought I discover that it is the world around me standing on its head.

This was exactly how I felt (again) having read about President Mubarak’s recent statement that “Israel cannot shirk the responsibility for the Gaza strip”. Is that so? Israel, with not even a square inch of hold in the Gaza strip is responsible for 1.5 million Arabs?  I could understand this statement if it was referring to 1.5 Jews living in the Gaza strip. Is it not enough that Israel has vacated unconditionally all Jewish settlements in Gaza, which incidentally provided jobs for scores of Arab workers? After Israel has constructed modern infrastructures, provided electricity, fuel and other essential commodities and left them there, does Israel now have to maintain the life-style they have got accustomed to from the Israeli taxpayers’ money?

With your permission President Mubarak, it was Egypt and not Israel whose protégé the Gaza strip was until you have realized that it was a high security risk to let them come too close. Maybe you admit it now, after long years of keeping silent about the constant bombing of the southern part of Israel, yes, of Israeli territory, that while one hand takes all the goodies, in the other there is already a knife poised to strike.

The time has come for Israel to unload this burden.  All Israel has to care of is its own security, namely the security from being attacked by whatever means may come from “Hammastan”. Good bye to the supply of materials that serve only one purpose: the needs of the Gaza weapon industry.