Gulf Oil Spill, Obama’s Tanking Poll Numbers, and Israel Caught in the Middle

When the Persians assaulted the Spartans at Thermopylae in an attempt to add Greece to their empire, only 300 battle-hardened warriors stood in the way of Xerxes’ will. Of course, the Persian King thought he was a God, and that is why he failed.

Before the 2008 election, both McCain and Obama made appearances at a traditional Manhattan dinner where they made fun of themselves. That was nice. I remember Obama’s joke about himself. “My strongest suit is my humility. And where are those Greek columns I requested?” I’m sure he didn’t have Sparta in mind.

The man is a self-proclaimed sufferer of hubris. Whether you voted for him or not, the hype was very obvious, the excitement, the hope, the hope for change, the anticipation. Obama built himself up to be Superman. Everything was going to change. As Charles Krauthammer wrote in his column last month, Obama has never been overly modest about his own powers. He declared that history will mark his ascent to the presidency as the moment when “our planet began to heal” and “the rise of the oceans began to slow.”

Well, sea levels are still rising, but not because of melting ice caps. Now it’s because of gushing crude oil.

This of course is not Obama’s fault. What happened, happened. Now it has to be taken care of as best as humanly possible. The problem is, ever since Obama claimed to be Superman in his election campaign, he has made this into his fault by taking the responsibility of a God even before he took office. Now he has to maintain that image, and the only thing he can actually do is send in Attorney General Eric Holder to see if he can sue BP. He can also talk about “whose ass to kick.”

If he were a more modest man, perhaps the American people would take this situation more rationally rather than take it out against their president, but when you tell people you’re Superman and all the sudden you can’t fly, people get mad and stop voting for you.

But the environment is not the only thing Obama prophesied that he would heal. He would also  heal, by the force of his sheer personality, the Israeli-Arab conflict. Now, some people say Obama will back off and let things take their course in Israel, realizing he’s asking too much. Others say he will intensify his involvement.

The latter group is correct, for the following reasons. First, one failure does not stop a man suffering from hubris to suddenly understand that he can’t actually fly. He feels he is personally able to bring peace to the area, and he will not let go of that fantasy. His failure in the gulf that he set up for himself will only make him more intent on succeeding by sheer force of will somewhere else.

Secondly, and more importantly, Obama is a cultural relativist. He doesn’t believe that there is a good side and an evil side in any conflict. He has the standard left wing universalist dream of everyone suddenly realizing that they are all the same and respecting each other. There is only misunderstanding—not good or evil. Solve the misunderstanding, solve the conflict, and achieve the left wing universalist dream.

But even as a cultural relativist, he is still essentially Western, and therefore can only culturally communicate with the Western side of the conflict, which is of course Israel. Friends of Israel often wonder why Obama only pressures Israel. The answer is, he has no choice. There is no one else to pressure because the Arab side does not have Western values. They have Muslim values, and who can blame them? That’s who they are.

In Obama’s mind, it goes like this: All cultures are the same and conflict is caused by misunderstanding. Pressuring a culture that is not your own promotes misunderstanding, and therefore conflict. Therefore, I must only pressure Israel.

And as the sea levels continue to rise with black muck and Obama’s poll numbers continue to drop with the rising seas, Israel will feel the slow, creeping tides. At some point, though, Israel will recognize that she, as the Jewish state, is the only one that is destined to be the moral compass that the world is so desperately looking for. When she realizes that, she will no longer be simply a Western colony that took over Palestine, but a Jewish State with her own Jewish culture that will no longer be able to be pressured by a cultural relativist in the West.