Burqa off, halal on!

I barely had time to register with an approving nod of the head the French authorities’ decision to abolish the burqa in public places and already a new tribulation in this ongoing drama of conquering the western world by Muslim fanaticism has been sprung on us.

The largest supplier of airline food-trays made it public that the meals produced by them would be henceforth compatible with the halal dietary prescriptions.  As a matter of fact, there are not too many surprises that airline food-suppliers can still conceal up their sleeves, we are all fully acquainted with the sawdust-tasting refined cuisine, mostly also stale – to add insult to injury and to sprinkle salt on our wounds, instead of seasoning the food with it.  Here we have yet again the not so thin end of the wedge pushed with considerable force into the tissue of our regular daily routine, making a hole here and a rupture there. Where will it end? Using flying carpets instead of air-planes?

Anyway, it seems guys that we’ll be better off on several counts if we bring our sandwiches aboard when taking a plane, at least we’ll have some idea what they are made of. And for long flights don’t forget the hip-flask either!