Bring it On, Helen Thomas

A justified and understandable reaction to the now former head of the White House Press Corps Helen Thomas’ comments that the Jews should “get the hell out of Palestine and go home to Poland and Germany,” is to make a media snowball and demand her immediate firing/resignation, call her a bunch of names, accuse her of anti Semitic screed as well as justifying and agreeing with the Holocaust.

Granted, this is the reaction that rushed forth from the American Jewish community, and I understand it. But I don’t believe it was the best reaction American Jewry could have mustered, and more than that. I believe this reaction to be dangerous in that it doesn’t recognize the danger of Helen Thomas types, where they’re coming from, and how to neutralize them.

Demanding her resignation is what I call the knee-jerk ADL response, a response that is rather juvenile and lacks forethought. It seems to me to be a little embarrassing that any time somebody says something anti Semitic, the Jews have to yell and scream about it in fear that if they don’t raise a hellstorm immediately, another Holocaust will happen tomorrow. Instead we should have responded maturely.

What would such a response include? I will write my own here, but essentially, it must include an understanding of Thomas-type anti Semitism. This type of anti Semitism is not an intrinsic hatred of Jews themselves. I’m sure Thomas has Jewish friends and she doesn’t think we’re intrinsically evil. She just thinks that as a nation we’re hypocritical, on the one hand claiming to be the chosen nation of God (which, to her frustration, has proven correct in that somehow we’re still around and distinct and this drives her up the wall), but on the other hand trying to be as Western as any other Christianity-based nation of the Enlightened World.

In Thomas’s mind, the Jew cannot both claim to be God’s people while at the same time trying to keep God completely out of the picture by being more Western than the West, claiming only historical rights to a plot of real estate in the Middle East, and the right to self-defense in a clear Christian and Western-based value system of Turn the Other Cheek.

What causes this type of anti Semitism is the Jews trying to be like everyone else. What will neutralize it is the Jews understanding that they are not, and acting that way. On that note, here’s my response to Helen Thomas.

Helen, my dear,

I sincerely thank you for your comments concerning the Jews going back to Poland and Germany. You can step down if you want to because of this, but that’s all up to you. I don’t make any demands of you. I just want to tell you that I understand your frustrations with the Jewish people, them still being around for some reason, claiming to be the chosen people, though doing their best not to say a word about Divine responsibility or God-given rights to the land you call Palestine. I know, their argument about historical rights to your Palestine is rather weak, and in their current mental state, they have no ability to bring God into the equation – the very God they claim chose them so long ago.

As long as this mentality persists, you’re right. In a sense, the Jews should “go back to Germany and Poland” since they don’t really understand why they’re in Israel in the first place.

But I’ll tell you why they won’t go back, why I won’t go back, why we will never go back. At some point in the very near future, people like you are going to spring up everywhere, telling the Jews to get the hell out of Palestine as well. At some point, it will reach a boiling point and the Jews will realize they have no one to rely on but their God that they are so reluctant to acknowledge.

When that happens, they will stop resorting to their historical arguments and self-defense claims, and they will say one simple thing that will shut you up: “God gave the land of Israel to the Jewish people, and all of it is ours. Including Gaza.” They will then assume their true responsibility as the moral leaders of the world by living as the Light onto the Nations in the land that God gave them, us, me, so, so long ago.

We’ll need much more pressure on a national scale until we reach that turning point, but in the meantime I have a favor to ask of you. It is this.

Bring. It. On.Sincerely,

Rafi Farber