Bon-Appetite Gaza!


How would you define kiwis?

Something that you must have in your daily diet or rather something you would pamper your guests with?

This boring thought kept turning round and round in my mind after the news item I saw last night on TV.  Truckloads of fruits from Israel entering the Gaza Strip, among them crates of kiwi-fruit.  Wait a moment, aren’t we told day after day that the population of Gaza lives under terrible conditions of hunger and poverty?  Well then, who has placed the order for kiwis?  Surely not the green-grocer in the Jebaliah refugee camp.

What we see here is the repetition of the Ramallah syndrome under the corrupt regime of Arafat.  Those indefatigable leaders loudly and incessantly ranting in every medium about the suffering of their people lead a luxurious life on the back of the refugees.  They never even started to improve the dire conditions in these refugee camps, they had better uses for the millions destined for humanitarian aid and appropriated by them.  The palaces built in the last decades in the Western Bank and in Gaza, as well as the numbered accounts in the Swiss and other “safe” banks bear witness to the real flow of the aid funding.  They were never used for creating jobs and developing at least small industries.  No housing, even on a modest scale was offered to the inhabitants of the rabbit warrens and labyrinths of the camps.

These leaders manage to pull the wool over the eyes of the Western world.

Those who are at the top of democratic societies may believe, that pouring hundreds of millions of dollars and euros into humanitarian aid channels will alleviate the suffering and poverty in the refugee camps and maybe, by improving their living conditions, they will become more pliable toward finding a solution of the Middle East problem.  Unfortunately they don’t seem to realize, that these rabid Hammas and other militant leaders prefer to preserve the poverty and the inhuman conditions of the refugee camps, because they are the grand reservoir for recruiting terrorist brigades and suicide bombers, all in the name of jihad, the struggle for the extinction of Israel.

Frankly, I don’t buy kiwis, they are too expensive for my budget, but I find it hard to believe that they are more affordable on any marketplace in Gaza.