Between a rock and a hard place: Netanyahu re Gilad Shalit
Benjamin Netanyahu – Would You Trade Places With Him?

As the Gilad Shalit March nears its destination, – the residence of Prime Minister Netanyahu in Jerusalem, the reflections concerning this painful and intricate issue pop up at an accelerating frequency.  One cannot deny that this has become a personal and – I cannot refrain from using the word – heartrending matter for every one in Israel.

After all who does not have a husband, a son or daughter or even a grandchild doing their military service?  Who can count the sleepless nights of family members in times of tensions and clashes worrying about the safety of their beloved? The endless waiting for telephone calls telling us that everything is alright?

But, – unfortunately there is always a ‘but’, – on the other hand how can we disregard the agony and pain of the large number of families who have lost equally beloved parents, children and grandchildren in all those murderous terror attacks the sole purpose of which, under the guise of political freedom fight was to destroy as many Jewish lives as possible. And knowing that they are still at it, brazenly claiming at every opportunity that their goal is the “final solution” for the entire population of Israel, how can we agree to the release of hundreds of these blood-thirsty inhuman un-beings?

This dilemma is the gruesome legacy that landed on Netanyahu’s agendum . As a father of sons, one of them serving in the IDF already, how can he put aside his personal feelings and attempt to come up with a solution that would be acceptable on both counts?

So, now I ask you again: would you trade places with him?