An Anti Missile System on Every Car! Now!

By Moshe Feiglin (translated from Hebrew; published on NRG)

The heart of our tragedy is that our citizens no longer dare to demand something more substantial than walls, concrete bunkers, bullet proof bests, gas masks, Iron Domes,  and Windbreaker anti missile systems. Regarding true security, there hasn’t been anything to talk about for a long time.

“Soon we’ll install the ‘Windbreaker’ on every bus,” I wrote two weeks ago. I just didn’t know how quickly that prophecy would come true.

Again and again I warn that we cannot substitute state-of-the-art technology for justice. Now they’re firing on buses – and they will not stop. “We expect Hamas to understand what’s allowed” – the Defense Minister said, unintentionally cornering Israeli policy – OOPS…”and of course what is not allowed,” he quickly added.

The Defense Minister is trying to explain to them, Hamas, on live television, that shooting at a school bus is against the rules of the game – meaning rockets are OK, Katyushas – also fine, because we have a technological solution. But an anti tank missile at a bus at Sa’ad junction is not OK because we haven’t equipped it yet with the “Windbreaker for Buses” – when we do – shooting at buses will be considered “allowed.”

No! I’m not writing these words sarcastically – absolutely not! I haven’t a shadow of a doubt that at this very moment they’re sitting in sophisticated command centers and beautiful board rooms debating whether to install ‘Windbreaker’ systems on every school bus in the Gaza perimeter. This is the same exact logic that led to rock-proof car windows and then bullet proof busses – will now lead to this and we’ll get it – excuse me – we’ll DEMAND it! Just like the residents of Ashkelon demanded the Iron Dome.

And this is actually the very heart of the tragedy – not that that our military and political leaders have completely lost their way and are hiding behind state-of-the-art technology, but that the citizens of this country no longer dare to ask for anything more substantive than walls, concrete bunkers, bullet proof vests, gas masks, Iron Domes, Windbreakers, Arrows, Nautiluses – and other sickening things.

When will this all end?

The media is trying to brighten our spirits with reports about some successful interception of a missile by the new system and does not understand that this is the biggest, most unprecedented farce of all. From the bushes they’re shooting some cheap Iranian imitation of a Katyusha rocket that got into the Strip under the guise of the “peace” with Egypt, and we, who have lost our right to live in Tel Aviv, are incapable of reconquering the territories from which they’re shooting at us and instead, we’re investing huge sums declaring war on the sky instead of the harsh reality we have created on the ground.

Odelia Nechama bat Michal – 14 years old, lying in a hospital bed with a severe head injury from the attack at Binyanei Ha-Umah in Jerusalem. Daniel Aryeh ben Tamar, critically wounded, also a head injury, from the missile attack. Please pray for them both. In the midst of the attacks, Tony Blair, the European emissary for our affairs – announced that he would accept Hamas as a negotiating partner, refusing to condition that on the organization’s recognition of Israel’s right to exist.

In other words, Europe will allow Hamas to put a knife to our throats – for of course not recognizing our right to exist is in fact a full recognition of their right to slaughter us – but before the slaughter, Europe will demand that we give Hamas what it wants – of our own free will.

This is like the Americans who bombed all around the concentrations camps but made sure to allow the gang in Auschwitz to continue to not recognize our right to exist – the same exact logic.

Does someone remember an Israeli leader in the last few years saying this simple sentence – “This is our land”? Instead of talking justice we talk about security and we try to chain ourselves to self-defense-based notions of justice.

From a technical standpoint – the IDF is one of the strongest, most sophisticated armies in the world. Militarily, we have no problem dealing with the wimps in Gaza. But the threat is not military. It is spiritual. They are fighting in the name of justice, and as long as we avoid dealing with that plane – we will be running to shelters in Rishon LeTzion, Gilad Shalit will stay in their hands, buses will be equipped with the Windbreaker – and civilians will be demanding a private Windbreaker for every car.