Ron Paul Banned from Republican Jewish Coalition Debate This Month The Republican Jewish Coalition did not invite Texas Rep. Ron Paul to the debate due to his policies which they view as troubling.

Last week it was announced that Rep. Ron Paul would not be invited to the Republican Jewish Coalition forum in which the presidential candidates would present their views and policies on various issues.

The forum was held last night in Washington DC and gave a platform to the contenders for the Republican nomination in 2012.  Those contenders included Michelle Bachmann, Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney and Rick Perry.  Ron Paul, who is a Libertarian but is running on the Republican ticket, was not invited because of his views on Israel, which the RJC views to be quite problematic.

Ron Paul is something of a maverick in conservative circles as his foreign policy is that of an non-interventionist who would withdraw US troops from all over the world and cut all aid to foreign nations.  Amongst those moves could be cutting aid to Israel.  However, the cutting of aid to Israel is perceived by the American Jewish Community to be an anti-Semitic move.  In addition, many Jews are suspicious of Paul as his past campaigns have received heavy support from Nazi and Arab groups, all which are extremely antagonistic towards Israel.

In the recent video posted below, Paul explained his views on Israel.  Paul said that he views Israel as an independent country that should not have to answer to the US.  He defended himself against the charge of anti-Semitism, saying that he was the only member of Congress to not condemn Israel for the 1981 bombing of the Osirak nuclear reactor in Iraq.  He also said that the last few US presidents have treated Israel as a puppet, something he has no intention of doing and would instead allow Israel to do what it needs to defend itself.

The RJC’s official statement was that the Texas representative’s view on cutting financial aid to Israel is troubling and echoes the view of the isolationists in the 1940s that refused to allow the US to save Jews from the Nazi regime.  The RJC views the aid to Israel as a non-negotiable and is eseential to Israel’s ability to defend itself against is enemies in the Middle East.

Paul’s response was that he was “Disappointed that he wasn’t invited”, but accepted the fact that RJC made their decision based on the fact that his views are different from that of everyone else.