The PR War: Israel Leads on the Net

On its homepage, the Times emphasized the online war between Israel and the “peace activists” over the version of events. At least two videos on the Navy Seals activity on the flotilla released by the IDF have received more than a million views on YouTube. Videos released by the IDF have been fighting head to head against those released by Pro Palestinian groups for the last 48 hours.

The activists on the flotilla prepared the event as a media event in all senses, with cameras that broadcast the events on the boats to the entire world, in real time, using television and internet networks. According to estimates, about 250,000 people watched the events live – and millions watched the television reports afterwards, which used the photographed material that was sent from the flotilla.

On YouTube, a battle is brewing over different versions of events and various videos on the Navy’s raid on the boat. The IDF’s videos are getting hundreds of thousands of hits and together with that, that are videos from different networks, mostly from Al Jazeera, that are showing the different videos, so the PR battle is playing itself out on the internet.All in all, the IDF’s YouTube page has 2.7 million hits. The first video has one million views, and the second 910,000. Al Jazeera’s page has 6.9 million views, but their leading video of the raid has only 575,000 hits.