Obama to Turkey’s Erdogan: “Change how you act towards Israel or no weapons”
So reports the Financial Times. The American administration has lately been very frustrated since Turkey voted against Iranian sanctions in the Security Council.

US President Barack Obama continues to act in setting American Middle East policy straight. The Financial Times newspaper reported today that Obama spoke with the Turkey’s Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and warned him that if Turkey does not change its stance towards Israel as well as Iran, American weapons sales to Turkey are not guaranteed.

A senior official in Washington told the British paper that “The president told Erdogan that some of the steps that Turkey took lately have raised questions in Washington regarding the amount of confidence that exists in relating to Turkey as an ally.”

Turkey is a member of NATO and a UN Security Council member, and the American administration has been very frustrated lately after Turkey voted against the Iran sanctions in the Security Council.

Last week, the Obama Administration warned Lebanon that American aid money to the country is not guaranteed and if another incident occurs between the Southern Lebanese Army and the Israel Defense Forces as reported by world of Judaica, there is no assurance that the administration could prevent lawmakers from suspending aid to Beirut.

This warning was issued by Frederick Hoff, a senior advisor to George Mitchell, who met in Beirut with senior members of the Lebanese government.

The bottom line of the message that Hoff sent to the Lebanese: The Lebanese government must do all it can to prevent an additional crisis with Israel and keep from warming its relationship too much with Iran if she considers its defense relationship with the United States important.