New IDF Video Proves: Commandos were Attacked before they even Boarded the Marmara.

As part of the public relations war that has been unfolding these last two days between Israel and Pro Palestinian groups, the IDF uploaded a new video at around 2:30 – this time in full color – that shows the violence demonstrated against navy commandos when they came to take control of the “Blue Marmara.”

The video proves that the soldiers were attacked even before they boarded the boat, when they were still in their dinghy. The “peace activists” threw a stun grenade at the soldiers, used water hoses, threw a tray full of plates at them and hit them with metal chains. The video shows once again the metal bars that the “peace activists” were holding.At the same time, a group in Facebook is forming called in Hebrew MASHAT SHOCHAREY SHALOM LE TURKIA or “Peace Flotilla to Turkey” for Armenians living in Turkey, a move designed to provoke the Turkish government. The Armenians, it should be noted, claim that the Turks committed genocide against them at the start of the last century, during the “transfer” that the Turkish army executed against them, during which more than a million people were killed. Turkey strongly asserts that a Holocaust did not happen and that the killing was unintentional and not systematic. This is one of the ongoing wounds for the Turks, who respond in fury to every attempt to grant any sort recognition to an Armenian Holocaust.

“The purpost of the flotilla is to bring medical equipment and aid to the countless poor and suffering Armenians in Turkey,” wrote the groups administrators. “Certainly, we do not intend to transfer the aid through the Turks via the accepted passageways, but rather to bring it ourselves without any coordination with the Turks.”Another protest group of Israelis is calling for the liberation of the Kurds in Turkey, “Free Kurdistan,” and in favor of an independent state for the Kurds.

Also noteworthy is the fact that two groups were very active on Facebook in the past two days: “Israeli Boycott on Turkey!” on one side, and “We are with Gaza,” on the other.Along with this, IDF Radio is reporting today that according to eyewitness accounts of participants on the flotilla, 3 or 4 of the Turkish fatalities that were on the Marmara boat, boarded the flotilla with the intent of dying as suicide martyrs. The accounts were published in the Turkish Newspaper “Milliyet.”