New 9,000 Strong Gaza Flotilla to Set Sail after World Cup
Preparing for the next flotilla: After a number of reports on the intent of several organizations to send another “freedom flotilla” to the Gaza Strip, the “European Campaign to Break the Gaza Siege,” an organization based in Brussels, announced that the next flotilla is being prepared to embark within the next two weeks, and that it will include 7 boats and 9,000 participants.

“The Flotilla will contain surprises for the Israeli side,” states a claim in the group’s press release. “We have received thousands of requests to join the flotilla from around the world. We will embark in the next few weeks.” The organization announced three weeks ago that it intends to organize another flotilla go Gaza named “Freedom Flotilla II.” Since then, say it’s senior members, about 9,000 people have volunteered to be on board. “The numbers are only rising every day,” it was relayed in their announcement.

“The flotillas will restart after the world cup”

The organization’s announcement continued, “The participants informed us of their intention to join the flotilla despite the violent takeover of the previous flotilla by Israeli naval forces. The participants wish to take part in the flotilla proves how determined they are to break the siege on the Gaza Strip.” According to the organization, the tremendous response to participate in the flotilla has “postponed its embarkation by a number of days.”

In Israel, they are continually following worldwide reports on these and other types of efforts of flotillas preparing to set sail to the Gaza Strip. After the flotillas from Iran and Lebanon were cancelled, Hamas senior official in Gaza, Mahmud a-Zahar said that, “At the close of the world cup, the flotillas to Israel will be renewed.”

Until then, Hamas will continue receiving humanitarian aid from the Israeli government.