Mossad Head Reportedly in Saudi Arabia Discussing Iran
Several American websites have reported last weekend that the head of Israeli spy agency the Mossad, Meir Dagan, visited Saudi Arabia only a few weeks ago to discuss the subject of the Iranian nuclear program with his counterparts. A few weeks ago, rumors began spreading on the internet about Israel dropping off military equipment in Saudi Arabia in preparation for an attack.

Did Mossad head Meir Dagan go to Saudi Arabia for a secret visit? Several American websites are reporting that Dagan did indeed visit there some time in the past few weeks. The reports are based on Arabic sources.

The sources did not provide specific information about what was discussed, and only noted that the central topic in the discussions was Iran and the Islamic Republic’s nuclear program. It should be noted that Saudi Arabia does not have official diplomatic ties with Israel, though the Sunni Muslim state feels threatened by the growing Iranian threat together with Egypt, Jordan, and other moderate Arab states.

There have been numerous reports lately about Israeli-Saudi cooperation regarding everything surrounding the nuclear issue. In 2009, it was reported that Dagan had met with Saudi intelligence officials that promised to turn a blind eye to Israeli planes in the event that they used Saudi airspace on the way to a potential attack on Iran. Both the Israeli and Saudi governments denied the reports.

The last few weeks have seen an explosion of internet rumors claiming that Israel dropped off military equipment in Saudi Arabia. A few unreliable sources even claimed that Israel is establishing a secret military base in Saudi Arabia for use in a future conflict with Iran.

Dagan has withstood pressure to resign following the successful, though widely publicized alleged Mossad hit of Hamas terrorist Al Mabhouh in Dubai last February. He is even admired by major players in Egypt, last year being described as “Superman” by leading Egyptian newspaper Al-Ahram. Whether he will continue to be “Superman” with regard to Iran remains to be seen.