Likud Starts its Own Tea Party: “End the Peace Process”

Likud activists headed by Knesset Member Danny Danon and former Knesset Member Michael Kleiner, held a “tea party” last night in the spirit of the protest movement against the lack of US fiscal discipline. “Another freeze will be a death trap for Israel.”

Tens of Likud activists held a “tea party” last nigh tin the spirit of the tea parties that have been held in the United States in protest of the lack of fiscal discipline. The gathering was held in the background of assumptions in the political establishment that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu intends to announce a new building freeze.

The organizer of the tea party, former Knesset Member Michael Kleiner, said at the opening of the even that “this party will serve to lighten the many unjust pressures levied against the State of Israel. Whoever pressures knows that it is not a justified demand. Another few months of a building freeze will be a death trap for Israel,” said Kleiner.

“We need to stop the peace process,” Kleiner said. “There is no benefit to it and it brings 100% terror. We are here, together with all the spokesmen of the national camp, to reject this pressure.” Knesset Members Ayoub Kara, Danny Danon and head of the Samaria municipal council Gershon Misika participated in the gathering.

At the tea party, MK Danon said that “The freeze is another bad movie from Barack Obama’s productions studios. If he’s looking for the justification for his Nobel Prize through a second freeze, he should go after another country. The tea served here should wake us all up. It doesn’t make sense that a Likud administration should be talking about a building freeze 24/7.”

Head of the Jewish Leadership Faction of the Likud, Moshe Feiglin, refused to attack Obama and instead said that “The problem isn’t Obama. Every American President pressured Israel one way or another in the past. In order to be able to say “no” to Obama, we need to say “yes” to a Jewish State. As long as we flee from our Jewish identity, we have no real ability to say no to Obama or to anyone else.