Jewish halachic ruling: Jews must celebrate after assassination of terrorists
A new halachic ruling holds that one should celebrate after the assassination of any terrorist. The decisive ruling was issued by Rabbi Bentzion Mutzpi, a senior Sephardic Rabbi.

The Rabbi was asked the question after the Israel Defense Forces last Friday assassinated the senior Hamas terrorist who planned the attack by Hebron last month in which four Jews were killed, among them Yitzchak and Talia Aimes who left behind 6 orphans.

Following news of the assassination, friends of the Aimes family turned to Rabbi Bentzion Mutzpi and asked, “Is it a mitzvah, or is it forbidden, or is it only permitted to celebrate the assassination of terrorists that murdered our friends Yitzchak Aimes, may his memory be for a blessing, and his wife, and two other Jewish hitchhikers?” Rabbi Mutzpi answered laconically and succinctly on his website: “It is a great mitzvah, as the verse states, “Rejoice in the death of evildoers—Proverbs 11:10.”

Friends of the family also told Israel’s Ma’ariv newspaper that the celebration in honor of the assassination of the terrorist will be held this evening (Tuesday) in the framework of the Dorshei Tzion gathering of the Foundation for the Temple Mount. The event will be held in Heichal Shlomo in Jerusalem and will include a ceremony of a declaration of loyalty to the Temple Mount and the organization of staff for encouraging stronger Jewish presence on the Temple Mount.